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“Creative, Innovative Solutions to

                                      Acoustical Challenges”




Architectural Acoustics


Places of Worship


Lecture Halls

Music Rooms




Building Code Compliance




Property Line Noise

Industrial Plant Noise

OSHA Standards Compliance


Industrial Noise and Vibration

Aircraft Noise Reduction   

Machine Vibration
Noise & Vibration Monitoring

Compressors and Chillers

Electrical Noise      
Fan and Blower Noise

Structural Vibration

Ground Vibration

Air System Noise    



For your project, Kroll and Associates can provide:

•   Design review for sound reflection, diffusion and ambiance

•   Consultation on optimum volume, geometry and materials

•   Computer modeling of design

Building and room performance standards for quietness, privacy and noise reduction

•   Review and commentary of final design

•   Design and specification of sound systems

•   As-built analysis

•   Materials testing for acoustical characteristics


Kroll and Associates can provide expert engineering, noise level and vibration analysis for:

·        Specification of acceptable noise & vibration standards

·        Mechanical room noise and vibration containment

·        Planning for quiet ventilating air HVAC, duct & VAV box systems

·        Analysis, reduction and containment of existing noise and vibration

·        Determination and solutions for real estate and zoning regulations

·        Guidelines for electrical system design

·        Building code compliance

·        Review mechanical and electrical design for noise and vibration isolation compliance

·        FHA/VA regulation compliance

·        All manner of tests: from simple to extremes of complex needs and sensitivity ranges




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“Creative, Innovative Solutions to Acoustical Challenges”